Bet Types
Predict the winner of a tournament. In Play Champion will be offered for selected matches.

Please refer to the Stats Centre for respective competition formats.

If you bet $1,000 on Chelsea, the odds is 5.00, your bet will return $5,000# if Chelsea win the tournament.

# Including investment.

Predict which two teams will compete in the Final. Select from a number of "Named Combos" (e.g. Manchester Utd-Barcelona, AC Milan-Chelsea).

*The organizer (e.g. UCL organized by UEFA) will use draw to determine the semi-finals match-ups. The draw result may impact the possible "Finalists" outcome.
*All Finalists bets stand once accepted. The bet cannot be cancelled if the selection is eliminated after the draw.
If you bet $1,000 on "Manchester Utd-Barcelona" at odds of 7.50, your bet will return $7,500# if the two teams compete in the Final.

# Including investment.