Racing Notes

Where the function to leave personal notes of the Account Holder in relation to races on which HKJCHRBL offers betting, currently known as Racing Notes (賽馬筆記), is enabled at the software application:

(a)  The notes left with the Services (whether through the software or otherwise) and retained by the Club as part of the Services (“Notes”) shall remain the Account Holder's own content. By using the Service and uploading content as Notes, the Account Holder grants the Club a worldwide, royalty-free, unconditional, unlimited and perpetual non-exclusive licence to use the uploaded content (with such licence to use including the licence to make copies of, display, retain, transmit, reformat, analyse and/or distribute via the Club's digital channels) for its initiatives (whether on its own, under its authorisation or with any third party) in connection with its promotion for racing and/or betting businesses;

(b)  Despite Sub-Rule (a), using of any part of the Services in connection with leaving of and/or access to the Notes remain part of the Services and all other parts of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Notes mutatis mutandis to the extent possible;

(c)  Any revisions made on the Notes will be automatically saved, and can only be saved, when the device on which the Account Holder accesses the Services is connected to the internet; the Club will only retain one version of the Notes, and previous versions of the Notes shall in no event be accessible. Further to the foregoing, the Club may delete any of the Notes left at its sole discretion;

(d)  The system will at the same time retain up to a limited number of pieces of personal Notes and a limited number of pieces of Notes on each horse in training in Hong Kong or during its stay for participation in any group race, and further Notes beyond such quantity can only be written and saved after the Account Holder has deleted any of those existing pieces of Notes. Notes left on any horse will be automatically deleted when it is not in training (for example, retirement) or departure from Hong Kong (as the case may be);

(e)  Account Holder can delete any of the Notes and/or content therein from time to time. The Club will delete the Notes when provision of Racing Notes is stopped or the Account Holder elects to close his/her Betting Account. The Account Holder will no longer be able to retrieve data after deletion of any Notes or data therein, and the Account Holder is advised to perform regular back-up of the Notes by exporting them manually;

(f)  Account Holder may export any Note left, and a link for downloading such exported Note (in the file format as the Club may designate) will be sent to the email address as he/she designates at the time of export, which will only be valid until the earlier of the expiry of the timeframe as designated by the Club or the Account Holder's next export of Notes. It shall be the Account Holder's responsibility to check and ensure that such links will not be classified as a spam by the relevant email service operator and/or the email containing any such link will not be bounced back for whatever reasons;

(g)  leaving and/or use of the Notes shall be at his/her own risks and the Club is not in any way liable for any inaccessibility, incompleteness, loss or corruption of the Notes arising in the course of leaving, retention of and/or subsequent access to the Notes by anyone;

(h)  The Club may change the tabs and/or points in the Services where the Notes can be left and/or accessed, without any prior written notice;

(i)  The Club's consent to the Notes to be left by any Account Holder, to retention of the Notes left and/or to access to the Notes left, as part of the Service (“Consent”) shall in no event be construed as a betting tip or an encouragement or a suggestion for anyone to place any bet nor should they be taken and/or relied upon as advice of any kind;

(j)  Account Holder acknowledges that the Club, HKJCHRBL, HKJCFBL and/or HKJCLL will not, for any purposes, verify or otherwise have any content control on any part of the notes left, and agrees that the Club, HKJCHRBL, HKJCFBL and/or HKJCLL shall in no event be, because of any part of the consent under Sub-Rule (i) above, regarded as endorsing or supporting any part of the Notes nor expressing their thoughts or opinions through any part of the Notes; and

(k)  without prejudice to the generality of Sub-Rules (i) and (j), the Club may prescribe the presentation format of the Notes left.